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VIER arquitectos is an architecture and design office in Coruña, constituted by the architects Antonio Raya, Cristóbal Crespo, Santiago Sánchez, Enrique Antelo and their collaborators. Although it was created in 2002, the office members have been working within a team for long before, as QRC architects. All of them have studied in Coruña’s Escola Superior Técnica, where they currently teach. Their work has been recognized by several publications and exhibitions, resulting in conferences regarding different subjects, both in Spain and abroad.

2000 - IX COAG Architecture Award 2000.
2001 - V JULIO GALÁN CARVAJAL Award 2001.
2002 - Project AR+D Awards. Emerging Architecture.
2002 - WINNER - International Award of Wood in Construction. Silleda.
2006 - I Sustainable Building Prize in Castilla y León 2006.
2011 - Piscina Barcelona 2011 Award.
2012 - Mediterranean Bioarchitecture BaM/012 Award. Barcelona, Spain.