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Smoke Bus shelters
designed by Larus

Front access smoking shelter, coated with perforated metal sheet, allowing ventilation and confinement. It includes support counters and ashtrays. Rear glass panels. Customizable length.


Steel, tempered glass, fibreglass, stainless steel.

Ashtray Capacity
Smoke Minor 1V = 2 x ashtray (1+1L).
Smoke Minor 2V = 3 x ashtray (1+1+0,6L).
Smoke Medium 3V = 6 x ashtray (1+1+1+1+0,6+0,6L).

Recommended capacity
Smoke Minor 1V = 4 people.
Smoke Minor 2V = 7 people.
Smoke shelter Medium 3V = 12 people.

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
SMOKE shelter Minor 1V (2385x1400x2290mm).
SMOKE shelter Minor 2V (3435x1400x2290mm).
SMOKE shelter Medium 3V (5140x2090x2290mm).