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Alta Lighting
designed by Daciano da Costa

Inspired by the early nineteenth century street furniture and the first attempts of standardisation. 
With great generosity in size, comfort and robustness of the parts. It is also associated with a certain idea of “romance” and by the “operative nostalgia” Responds to situations in which the relationship of history strongly evokes the place, seeking the association between type-form and imaginary places.

Further information available @ here and here.


Cast aluminium, steel.

Diffuser: polycarbonate and aluminium.
Light source: LED.
Power: 35W.
Luminous flux: 3330 lm.
Colour temperature: 3000º K.
IRC: > 80.
ULOR: < 1,5%.

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
ALTA light pole (ø400x3550mm).