Gira Tables & Barbecues
designed by Marlene Couceiro

Flexible and informal table that allows you to interact and engage with peers. Invites you to share food and stories. Explore other cultures, learn and talk about your experiences. Laugh and enjoy your break. An excellent choice for coworking and public spaces, indoors or outdoors. You can divide and distribute all “branches”/seats around the centre and rotate the small support ideal to place your cell phone while remaining  connected to people, drop your books and have your hands free for a spontaneous handshake, distractions free. At work or at play, network and be surrounded by versatile and creative people!

Community design nº 006737003-0001



Includes seats and rotating supports around a central axis.

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
GIRA table + benches set (ø1795x745mm).