Orion lighting columns

The Orion solar light pole was developed in partnership with Indal and facilitates the maintenance of the photovoltaic panels by lowering the upper part of the pole. The LED luminary enables high quality lighting and energetic autonomy due to the batteries installed in the ground.



Light source: LED (Indal Stela Square 14LED)
Power: 21W
Luminous flux: 2300 lm

Photovoltaic panels: 2 x 45Wp
Batteries: lead-acid gel 2 x 12V55Ah
Autonomy: 3 days (12h/day) in cases of total absence of sun
Lifetime: 3,5 years
Charge controller: PWM control (Pulse Width Modulation) with three stages of charging and temperature compensation
Recommended mounting height: 4,25m

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
ORION (1110x1205x5180mm)


    2D files (dwg)
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